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Jessica. Twenty-Four.
Los Angeles Native. All things creative.


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Currently lounging with my little dog and coffee in hand. Jared’s headed out of town again for two weeks. At least this time it’s in the country.

Going to do some morning yoga to set some good intentions then head out for the day to spend time with my little sister and mom.

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my favorite spot.
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  • I must go through my garage and organize my things. Most definitely need to organize my event planning items.
  • Sugar. It’s become a giant problem. I crave something sugary after every meal. I did so well last year cutting it out and now I’ve hit rock bottom. I must cut it out again! 
  • Yoga. Run. Gym. Health. Where have you been? I need to get back into that. 
  • I have so many ideas and things I want/need to do. I need to act on them sooner rather than later.
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